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At Breakout Assets we will alert you to three different types of trades. Each technical position comes with the fundamental analysis to back it. Before you use any of our alerts it is you need to go below to Reversals, Breakouts, and Channels. Go three each of these three strategies if you are trading just our stock alerts. If you are using our options alerts as well, it is important to go through our options. The importance of understanding these trading strategies before you use any alerts is instrumental in your success as a trader. You cannot expect insane results unless time is put into education, but with that being said anyone can learn as long as they put in the time. 

How to Trade Our Alerts

Takes Advantage of Price Resistance Points

Our Most Profitable Technical Play

Takes Advantage of Shifts in the Market

How you will receive your alerts

You will receive your alerts the day before you trade them. This gives you the time necessary to prepare for market open and execute your trades at the best price. Each day you will receive an email that will lay out the technicals and fundamentals of each trade. Giving profit taking points, stop loss points, areas of resistance, time expectancy on the trade, and even lengths of time you shouldn't hold a trade past due to time value. We offer alerts that actually help you trade. If you have tried other peoples alerts you can say goodbye to just receiving a stock ticker and instead get an actual usable resource.


  • Analyzing recent movement

  • Evaluating possible turns in the market

  • Charting price resistance and support points

  • Alerting you to Breakouts, Channels, and Reversals

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  • PE Ratio

  • EPS

  • Avg. Volume

  • Options Analysis of Delta, Gamma, Theta, and Vega